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Our Blessed Lady of the Sacred Selfie Stick

Chill • 42s

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  • Crystal Bloom

    Lares Feliciano

    Dreamy, melty experimental animation.

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  • V1

    James Pricer

    V1 is a portrait of one’s selves.

    The video V1 asks where do we end, and the world as we know it begin? V1 is an abstract video portrait of a woman as portrayed by her DNA data and the digital data from a photo she took. We see the suggestion of a person co-mingled with thei...

  • Remnants

    Matthew Langford & Jeremy Grant

    Nature simultaneously presents itself to us as chaotic and predictable. Our experience of life is often the same. Many people find comfort and solace in their experience of nature for the precise reason that it is predictable and yet not easily quantifiable.