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Our Blessed Lady of the Sacred Selfie Stick

Colorado Artist Spotlight • 42s

Up Next in Colorado Artist Spotlight

  • Soul Tangler - The Beast

    Ryan Wurst

    "Dance with the Beast draws inspiration from the popular online series Boiler Room, where a DJ plays music in the middle of the room while attendees watch. I utilized motion capture files to animate my 3D characters called The Mouth Breathers. The music is by Soul Tangler, one of m...

  • Landscape Shedding Hubris

    Andrew Rising

    Mt. Rushmore shaking off its facade like fleas off a dog to the sound of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

    United States

  • The End of History (Paris Shootings 1...

    Noah Phillips

    "The End of History" project applies data about historical events to footage of those historical events to distort and combine the two into one. The numbers of the dates of the events are used to determine what order-of-operations the events go through as well as to what extent ...