Everything Abstract Experimental

Everything Abstract Experimental

If you are new to digital motion-art, you might find yourself scratching your head while engaging in the offerings found in this mainstay Supernova program. Like all good art, that’s the point, even for those who think they’ve seen it all. Digital Animation is the playground for artistic experimentation, whether towards an obvious aim, or one requiring liner notes. Experimental works can be found across all of Supernova's programs, but the offerings in this section deliver a spirit that is aligned with traditions that span other mediums and times.

Everything Abstract Experimental is suitable for those with patience and thirst for the unknown

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Everything Abstract Experimental
  • Specimens of Ephemeral Worlds

    Rew Wagner

    This audiovisual animation is an immersion in fleeting worlds of dynamic sound and mystifying abstract forms. Dreamlike surroundings become a jarring spectacle, and an invitation to get lost in exploration.

    Artist Bio:
    Rew (‘roo’) is a new media artist who has exhibited art videos a...

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    Yebin Lee (imuiui)

    The pages we acquire information derives from our own biometric information, and images multiply, flood and surround as the our gaze goes. That is deepening the polarization of information and the inability to communicate in modern society. The distributed images are unrecogni...

  • Webtaura. Future Human

    Alice Scope and Snizhana Chernetska

  • The Beautiful One Has Come

    Valentina Ferrandes

    The Beautiful One Has Come is a parametric exploration of the most celebrated Black queen in ancient history.

    Artist Bio:
    Valentina Ferrandes is an artist and designer from southern Italy. Her works are screened internationally in festivals such as Visions du Reel, Europe...

  • Eye Exam

    Cho Juyoun

    While an artist is painting, a mysterious screen suddenly unfolds before her eyes. The artist, who can no longer paint and falls into an unknown error, end up breaking her glasses and wandering around. A unique eye chart that appears to the despondent artist. The artist slowly begins ...

  • Time Trance

    Benjamin A Ridgway

    Time needs a witness. This is a meditation on the perception of time and the ever changing state of reality.

    Artist Bio:
    Ben is a CalArts graduate and a games industry veteran. His career has spanned through both the industry and academia since 1998. While in the games indust...

  • The Ride

    Huh Hyunjung

    While running along the riverside, the narratives made by reflection and refraction of lights are slowly flowing and sparkling.

    Artist Bio:
    Graphic artist / Animator based in Seoul. Focusing on ambiguous and indefinite narratives created by dots and lines, works across boundaries ...

  • Soft Will

    Zak Loyd and Melanie Clemmons

    Simulation of a post-human speculative future nature preserve. Created by "Clemmons & Loyd" 2019

    Artist Bios:
    Clemmons & Loyd is a collaboration between Melanie Clemmons and Zak Loyd. We have worked together since 2009, composing immersive video installations, de...

  • Tesseract

    João Pedro Oliveira

    A tesseract, also defined as an hypercube is the four-dimensional equivalent of the cube. This video presents a possible journey throughout the six faces of a cube, and how they can be transformed and projected into a tesseract using different processes: translation, rotation...

  • Apart-ment

    Jullian Young

    Created out of a reaction to isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, apart-ment was put together using footage from indoor and outdoor space, shot a few months ago, well before COVID-19 came into our collective consciousness. The word apartment originates from the Italian word “app...

  • Heyday

    Matthew Keff

    In “Heyday”, many candy-like items such as blocks, stars and characters enter the screen as more and more are added over time. The glossy bits bounce off of one another squishing against the sides of the frame causing kooky interactions. The work is made first as a videogame and the...

  • eightfortysix

    Atomic Elroy

    Eight minutes and forty six seconds of hand washing.

    Artist Bio:
    Atomic Elroy is an artist who works in the time-based media of video installation and performance. Drawing influence from early 20th Century Dadaists, mid 20th Century avant garde theatre, and postmodern conceptualism...

  • Red Drift

    Sean Waple and Kole Galbraith

    An audiovisual meditation on the delicate and transitory nature of human experience.