Everything Abstract Sonic

Everything Abstract Sonic

New in 2020, Supernova presents the first ever Everything Abstract-Sonic, a program that highlights the synergy between abstract visuals and dynamic sound, culminating in sensorial euphoria. Replacing our regular Music Videos program, Abstract-Sonic moves closer to defining a genre that is still the most pure representation of the digital medium today. Additional outstanding music videos can be found sprinkled throughout other Supernova programs.

Everything Abstract Sonic is suitable and recommended for all ages

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Everything Abstract Sonic
  • D__A___Z //Mountain EYE


    Commissioned Video Artwork For DAZ // Digital Art Zürich 2020

    Soundtrack by Edgar Mondragon `PULSO`


    David Bennett

    A frenetic journey linking new artifacts to old, embedding an ephemeral digital layer of translation.

    Artist Bio:
    David Bennett is a digital artist, motion designer, and creative director. Drawn to the immediacy and impermanence of the moving image, his work explores hypersaturate...


    Arnaud Laffond

    A psychedelic experience through shapes and colors. A feeling of being able to touch what you cannot.
    How music can be felt otherwise

    Artist Bio:
    Arnaud Laffond is a video artist, plastic digitalis workbench based in Lyon. His work is characterized by the creation of virtual en...

  • VEIL

    Claudio Bellini

    Veil – an audiovisual experiment by Claudio Bellini and Michele Deiana – originates from the idea of connection, which we all feel strongly these days: we are connected to others by virtual networks where we are the nodes and our relationships are the links. A virtual mesh, where...

  • Dustria

    Allison Tanenhaus

    Dustria is a candy-colored, slightly sinister, otherworldly meditation on industrial waste and atmospheric decay. Presented in the form of a hypnotic music video for Boston electronic synth duo The Square Root of Negative Two.

    Artist Bio:
    Allison Tanenhaus is a Boston-based di...

  • Tripping Through Skyscrapers

    Erik Mondrian

    “Skyscrapers” was a Second Life art installation by Gem Preiz, an artist most known for his intricate fractal images. Here, he created an immersive, scaled-down cityscape—inspired, as he writes, by his “fascination for [these] modern cathedrals which are, like those of the past, th...

  • Serrated

    Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo and Calum Gunn

    A "reverse music video," Serrated is a collaboration between Calum Gunn and Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo. The film is a combination of computer-generated and analog synthesized footage; it served as the visual score for the music.


  • New Mexico

    Marc Billard, Dorothy Tanner (1923-2020)

    The abstract video and electronica music in "New Mexico" is rooted in the 50+ year history of Lumonics, from live abstract projection beginning in 1969 to incorporating video beginning in 1979.

    Artist Bio:
    Dorothy Tanner, who died July 23, 2020, and Mel...

  • Invade

    Wong Man Sze

    Music video featuring the music of More Reverb, a Hong Kong instrumental band. The video is about the idea of falling into darkness and finding the will to live again. Wong Man Sze both directed and animated the frame by frame abstract animation created with compressed charcoal. To ...

  • Paint on Paint #1

    Vasco Diogo

    Paint On Paint # 1 is the first of a 10 series experimental animations that follow some structural principles: all are digital; all have a 3 minute and 33 seconds runtime; all are focused on a specific set of tools regarding brushes, ink and color; all have an abstract meaning connec...

  • Remind to Remember

    David Bennett

    A pedestrian study.

    Artist Bio:
    David Bennett is a digital artist, motion designer, and creative director. Drawn to the immediacy and impermanence of the moving image, his work explores hypersaturated visuals that oscillate between abstract and figurative digitized glimpses of da...

  • Cetatea Poenari

    Erik Mondrian

    A music video of Cetatea Poenari, the Second Life home of the Drakul family. Built by Vlad Drakul-Dragonash & Nazaire Dragonash and named after a ruined Romanian castle that was once occupied by the real-life Vlad III Dracula (also known as Vlad the Impaler), Cetatea Poenari defies...