Future Tense

Future Tense

Selected student final projects from the China Academy of Art 2020 YOUNG to Young Program Future Tense Class
Future Tense Class – Utilizing 3D Imaging Technology for Conceptual New Media Art Making

Skyscrapers & factories, atomic bombs & TV; robots, drones, the internet, AI; new imaging technologies and the changes they both represent and precipitate have long fascinated artists. Some celebrate the latest innovations as a means to finally realize human potential. Others despair the alienation of mass production, mediation and consumerism. This course looks at the evolving relationship between humans, machines, environments, and art and how the images relating to them are mediated. With writings by futurists and techno utopians and their critics, we will examine the impact of media and technological change on society, the human body, and especially on the visual culture. We will examine works from artists and creatives from the first Machine Age to now, the start of the fourth industrial revolution, including Hito Steyerl, David O’Reily, and Tale of Tales. Class exercises, readings, visits, and projects will be designed to help students to develop critical theoretical foundation and approaches relating to those matters, as well as to build technical skills in digital imaging tools such as basic intro to using post-photographic 3D software such as Maya. Students will create self-driven works that address the course themes.

Course Professor: Professor Snow Yunxue Fu (NYU Tisch)
Assistant Professors: Professor Tongzhou Yu & Professor Zhipeng Wang
Teaching Assistants: Zhixin Chen, Xuyuan Chen, Yulu Wang, and Bixin Yan
For more students' work, please visit the Course Website: futuretense.cargo.site/

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Future Tense
  • Snow Yunxue Fu introduces Future Tense

    Selected student final projects from the China Academy of Art 2020 YOUNG to Young Program Future Tense Class
    Future Tense Class – Utilizing 3D Imaging Technology for Conceptual New Media Art Making

    Skyscrapers & factories, atomic bombs & TV; robots, drones, the internet, AI; new imaging technolo...

  • Daydreaming

    Siqi Xie

    The story tells that the protagonist Hoo began to try to date a fantasy girlfriend in a virtual world after seeing an advertisement for a virtual dream machine, and indulged in it. When he wakes up from the virtual world, the real world has become a ruin.

    In this course, I not only lea...

  • Inorganic Biology

    Zhejun Zhang

    The work shows a future world created by artificial intelligence and inorganic biology through Maya and UE4.

    What organic life is proud of is nothing more than the coupling and collision of neurons. The great pioneers believed that life was not necessarily limited to organisms, so ...

  • To Freedom

    Zhixin Chen

    This is a future society of utopia based on "Brave New World." It is to have you stuck here forever just as a cage or a lock does. All of your stubbornness, romance and thoughts are going to be suffocated here. In my own mental world, I am totally free to dance, to express myself an...

  • Falling

    Hanxun Chen

    The city was built on a floating island. The long-term pollution caused severe desertification, which made the original living environment of human beings worse. The high-level government decided to build a new city above the more moderated area. They demolished a part of a skyscrape...

  • A guitar

    Yifan Xu

    Music seems to have a kind of mysterious magic, which can fill the vacancy of the mind and make the machine seem to have the emotional color of human beings. Music also makes nature and technology more closely linked to achieve a wonderful balance and harmony. A guitar, a small robot, a...

  • The Wasteland

    Ziyang Wang

    This is an animated film based on a poem by T. S. Eliot "The Waste land."
    The poem was so appealing to me that I felt I need to create an animation in response to what the poem was telling me.

    Great peace and an eternal purpose lurk in the images of the frantic transformations.


  • Quasimodo

    Bingyan Liu

    A strange man in a spacesuit wakes up in a strange city and even forgets who he is. His body sometime is not controlled by himself. He often dances strangely on the road. No one knows his real appearance and origin. In his eyes, others are as hard and cold as steel. He wanted to leav...

  • Reversi

    Bixin Yan

    The software used in the whole project are Maya, Audition and FL Studio. The work order is to make the animation first, then the audio, and finally fine-tune the lens content and duration according to the audio.

    This project is about an event that is cognition. In the end, all other t...

  • Hug

    Wenyi Ding

    A theme to explore the great differences between people is not only the difference of language, but also the difference of personality. The white mold is filled with different materials and given different actions, implying different personalities. People want to know each other, reac...

  • Man in the bottle

    Shuning Zhang

    The little man in the bottle, its whole world is just a mustard in the bottle for him.

    This animation can be divided into three scenes, Bottle, Screen, and Information Cemetery. Bottle represents human's initial cognition of the world, and observes the target through his own naked...

  • I’m Home

    Jiaxuan Liang

    In the future people will be able to save the world of a certain moment in a storage device and purchase the world of a certain moment that they can Enter this world at the time. This act became the fashion of the day, just like video games are today. In this world, everything is f...

  • Peep

    Haoqiang Xu

    In 4042, human activities caused the earth's sea level to rise and submerged most cities, making it impossible for humans and most living things to survive on the earth. Robbie, the humanoid robot who collects data on underwater cities for humans living on the moon, was on his first ...

  • Blindspot

    Jiaxi He

    The original intention of the creation of BLINDSPOT project is to think deeply about the phenomenon of blind spot occasionally, and to implant my point of view into this world view. In the process of making, I pay more attention to the arrangement of the overall feeling and details, whi...

  • The Arrow of Time

    Zizhen Liu

    The arrow of time maintains the balance between the city and the outside world. If people covet the outside world, the delicate balance will be gradually broken, and the time axis of tens of thousands of years on this land will be disturbed, and there will be illusions from ancient ti...

  • Wilderness

    Jiaxin Yu

    "What do you see?" "All I see is the clear night sky and the endless wilderness." I walked through the forest and the canyon, and walked up the steps, with fireflies flashing around me. Running on the grassland, I finally saw a giant tree with a wonderful light.

    I describe several sce...