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Man in the bottle

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Future Tense • 1m 11s

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  • Man in the bottle

    Shuning Zhang

    The little man in the bottle, its whole world is just a mustard in the bottle for him.

    This animation can be divided into three scenes, Bottle, Screen, and Information Cemetery. Bottle represents human's initial cognition of the world, and observes the target through his own naked...

  • I’m Home

    Jiaxuan Liang

    In the future people will be able to save the world of a certain moment in a storage device and purchase the world of a certain moment that they can Enter this world at the time. This act became the fashion of the day, just like video games are today. In this world, everything is f...

  • Peep

    Haoqiang Xu

    In 4042, human activities caused the earth's sea level to rise and submerged most cities, making it impossible for humans and most living things to survive on the earth. Robbie, the humanoid robot who collects data on underwater cities for humans living on the moon, was on his first ...