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Music Video

Nothing satisfy's the senses quite like the combination of sound and motion-art. Supernova presents some of the most radical and awe-inspiring examples of this ongoing universal collaboration, focusing on advances in digital techniques as well as ever broadening artistic temperaments.

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Music Video
  • Telegraphing

    Heather Crank

    Filters glitch and expand the messages passing through a girl’s psychology.

    Music Video created for Publicist UK's track "Telegraphing."

    United States

  • Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa - Elastic Astral Peel

    Milton Croissant III

    Looping of dense technicolor textures, pulsating to sound vibrations.

    United States

  • Que Lio - MASA

    Victor Morales

    United States

  • Le Makeup - Akasithia

    Tea Stražičić


  • Yllis - Parade

    The Rodina

    Spectacle collage of popular internet emojis, textures, and facial filters.


    Victor Morales

  • OY - Space Diaspora

    Moritz Reichartz

  • Plurabelle - Our Fires

    Mattis Dovier

    Pixelated tribute to teen horror B-films and erotic-grotesque style manga, exploring adolescent passion.


  • The Science - The Sea and I

    Denial of Service

    / neural art / deep-style /machine learning AI were utilised in full for the creation & production of this piece*
    *a practical implementation of several techniques as described in the following papers:
    • neural style-transfer using convolutional Neural-Networks by Leon A. G...

  • Chiffon - Baited

    Milton Croissant III

    The protohuman baited by musical beats into a sci fi fantasy.

  • You’ll Melt More!

    Katsuki Nogami

    Hyperkinetic digital insanity!

  • Strange Attractor - Coagulate

    Eli Ayres

    Music video for Strange Attractor.

    An attempt to blend multiple animation styles with all its intensity.

    United States

  • SBPCH - Istanbul

    Pavel Samokhvalov

    A cruise ship treads lightly towards “the end” of its journey.

  • N. Lannon – Another Love

    Langan & Tarazi

  • Princess Chelsea - Is It All OK?

    Simon Ward

    Expressing the uncanny inner dialogue of rendered people living in a cybernetic world.

  • Homeshake - Heat

    Cole Kushner

    A Surreal 3D Animated Music Video.


  • Onryō

    Denial of Service

    * Contour & Shape /Onryō EP * tbr 1st qtr 2017 on 12'' audiophile vinyl / FILM Schallplatten /Berlin

    - 3DSMax / VRay, FumeFX, Processing 3.x, Max-Jitter, Ready, After Effects, PFTrack
    - Ableton Live, NI FM8/Kontakt/Reaktor, Eventide Suite, GForce Suite, Sound Forge /Waves...

  • Lee Gamble - For Infernomatics

    Dave Gaskarth

    Visuals for techno deconstructionist Lee Gamble's track 'For Infernomatics'. An exploration of the digital dissolution of painting, sculpture, photography and architecture. The film was produced as part of an A/V set with Lee Gamble in the SonarHall stage at Sonar Festival 2015, ...

  • Kero / Gotshell - Perindsor

    Denial of Service

  • Harrison - Vanilla

    Alex McLeod

    Simulation of vehicles for motion through a vanilla landscape.

  • DilSe

    Dalena Tran

    Dil Se" represents the arrival of floral consciousness. Motifs are contextualized in a virtual environment to explore the interconnected strive of the material body aching for control and the spiritual mind yearning for surrender.

    Floral consciousness is a theory of human and s...

  • KRES - Space Heater


    Black smoke creeps, consumes and evaporates a white fantasy scene.

  • Yllis - WIIK

    Brandon Tay

  • Ghost Pet - My Third Eye

    Thi Hong Linh Nguyen

    Demons covered the land with a black layer. The Third eye appears.