New Voices New Directions

New Voices New Directions

New artists and new directions in digital animation and beyond

Introduced in 2020, New Voices New Directions is a category fashioned by the desire to showcase emerging artists and ideas, providing a platform for fresh voices, innovative authorship and visual sensibilities that don’t always adhere to the normal understanding of digital animation. To us it's the future of the medium, the bright lights of today that have the potential to be the stars of tomorrow.

Suitable for all ages, except the one about smoking weed for the first time, unless you happen to live in Colorado.

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New Voices New Directions
  • Hot Dogs

    Owen Roberts

    Hot Dogs is an animation about eating hot dogs and discussing the afterlife.

    Owen Roberts is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Phobia

    Lau Tsun Wai

    Honk Kong Student Animation


    Lorenzo Nera

    A castaway pilot on a lonely island looking for signal with his phone.

    Born and bread in Rome, Italy.
    After graduating at London Film School I worked as feature film editor as well as mograph and VFX artist on a variety of film and TV productions which brought me to take part to e...

  • Farewell Rainy City

    T.E. Yates

    Animated music video faithfully following the route of the world's first intercity passenger railway, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. Also features John Greenwood's bus, the UK's first scheduled bus service.

    Draws inspiration from contemporary illustrations of the railway by T....

  • Lhomme’s Dreams

    Florent Morin

    In his cabinet of curiosity, Dr. Lhomme is dreaming himself as an explorer. He goes to the discovery of an unknown world.

  • Sundrops

    Sundrops is a music video with a loose narrative focusing on a mysterious skateboarder with a few tricks up his sleeve. The character begins performing movements in his DIY MoCap. His 3D animated avatar is revealed and they perform a rhythmic dance of movements between them. They look to the past...

  • Via de Neri

    Seren Moran

    During a night at a club, an intoxicated young woman encounters a man and wakens the next morning with a foggy memory of the night before.

    Seren Moran is a mixed media artist and filmmaker. Seren’s art practice addresses trauma and the prevalence of violence against women. In her re...

  • Sonic Desert

    Sofia Hailu

    “Why are we here?” It’s a question that comes up often and can never be fully answered. The journey that all humans must take on earth intrigues me. We appear on this world, without asking to be in it, and then we are left to figure out how to spend our lives. Through this body of wo...

  • Everyone's first time smoking weed

    Hot Regards, aka Tom McDonald

    A young man turns down a dutchie, thankfully a concerned citizen named John was there to assist the young man. This is everyone's first time smoking weed.

  • Maldacena : A Mirror For The Real

    Jake Adams

    In its creation, this work utilized painting/drawing tools and software such as the Unity Game Engine, Autodesk Maya and Adobe Creative Suite. Best viewed in person on the Looking Glass Holographic Display.

    Maldacena : A Mirror For The Real highlights, not only the story within, but ...

  • Blucifer: The Doom Horse of Denver

    Ryan Seabury

    All ye who enter Denver via airplane must meet the penetrating glowing scarlet gaze of "Blucifer", the 32 foot tall Blue Mustang that defiantly guards the gateway to the Rocky Mountains.

    Some believe the fact that Blucifer killed its own creator while being sculpted is a sign that ...

  • -9,81

    Alexandr Martsynyuk

    Film aims to explore the mental development of an individual in a robotized environment. A short, narrative film is set in a near future, when the vast majority of society is artificial intelligence. After a long effort to compete with AI co-workers, main character decides to...