Raquel Meyers

Raquel Meyers

Raquel Meyers is a Spanish artist who defines her practice as KYBDslöjd (drawing by typing). In KYBDslöjd, the screen is the canvas, a rectilinear grid on which one keystroke at a time build a character-by-character imaginary. Like crafting or the typewriter technique. It is brutality itself because it reveals what it is and what it does without adornment. Meyers’ entry “Vladijenk II (The corroded mainframe at Tartarus edition)” for the inaugural edition of Supernova in 2016 garnered her the festival’s second prize award, delivering a glorious array of pixilated motion that stands as a shining beacon for the historic depths of technologies infiltration into art. She returned to the festival in 2017 as a guest juror and focal solo-artist.

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Raquel Meyers
  • Vladijenk II (The corroded mainframe at Tartarus edition)

    Raquel Meyers

    "A collaboration between Raquel Meyers and the musician Ceephax Acid Crew for his album 'Charismatic Integrity Slam' album (2015). The screen is the canvas, use as rectilinear grid on which one keystroke at a time build the animation. Or as Meyers called it, KYBDslöjd. That means...


    [THE OWL], the harbinger of what is yet to come.

  • Fingers of doom

    Nostalgic‬, ‪retro‬, obsolete or ‪limited‬ are rhetoric qualities earn by constant repetition. This is the terrible fate of ‘Fingers Of Doom’, a Type In animation made on Commodore 64 and built character by character rather than frame by frame. Text is used unadorned and rought-cast, like concret...

  • Hydorah

    Based on the videogame HYDORAH by Locomalito
    'Robot Chase' remix by Goto80

  • Empath

    Music / Corset Lore // tamarayadao.com/corset-lore
    From the Album 'Graces and Furies'(8bitpeoples.com)
    KYBDslöjd (Drawing by Type In on C64) / Raquel Meyers

  • Furious Clubfoot

    Music: GLOMAG

  • Yeti badguy polka

    Yeti is a kind monster that travels all around the universe and visits amazing animals and creatures in space. Whenever someone has a problem they can contact him over radio, and Yeti comes with his Sound Machine. With this magical device he can solve any problem in the world. As long as he can m...



  • Follow the red dots

    Raquel Meyers

    Music: Bubblyfish


  • Pink snow

    Music: la belle indifference
    Video: Raquel Meyers
    Special Thanks: Thorsten S. Wiedemann
    Berlin 2010