RMCAD Virtual Grad Exhibition

RMCAD Virtual Grad Exhibition

Denver Digerati and Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) continue their collaborative effort that presents the school's Summer 2020 Graduating Students' final projects as a Virtual Art Exhibition through Supernova.video, Denver Digerati’s consumer streaming app. The collaboration is in response to the COVID19 crisis that has shuttered public venues, causing students and institutions to seek online solutions.

To prepare for this experience, the Philip J. Steele Gallery has worked remotely with students to convert student-captured documentation of 2D and 3D work into professional motion-based videos. The directive elevates the student artworks in a manner most compatible with the school's original curriculum goals.

Discover the hard work of Denver’s newest artists and designers. As one of Colorado’s leading arts institutions, RMCAD has a long history of presenting outstanding contemporary art exhibitions, dovetailing in recent years with some of Denver Digerati's top tier of motion-based artists. They've gone the extra mile at this time to provide an optimized solution for their students, with pathways for future development that will be critical for finding and navigating their careers.

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RMCAD Virtual Grad Exhibition
  • RMCAD 2020 Summer Graduation Exhibition Intro

    A premier arts school in the Denver area, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design is an innovative, rigorous, and community-oriented global learning environment that inspires passion for critical thinking and prepares learners to be forces of change in the creative industries, our communities, and...

  • Joe B. Livingston Jr.

    Joe B. Livingston Jr.
    3:00 min

    Artist Statement
    Inspired by classic science fiction, noir, and horror, mixed with the counter-culture styles of the 1970’s and 80’s, on top of contemporary ideas. I create worlds where monst...

  • Rooshieka Leslie-Seward

    Ms. Shieka, chaiLyfe
    5:37 mins

    Shieka Leslie, an eclectic art education enthusiast, chooses no to limit herself in use of mediums. Currently, based in Colorado, she uses and embraces her travels and unique background experiences as fuel for her multimedia creations.

    Her favorite mediums vary s...

  • Sam Kapral

    Sam Kapral
    Demo Reel
    2:13 min

    Artist Statement
    I love to model, and I love the process and problem solving involved with recreating objects in 3D. I also enjoy 3D sculpting, 3D printing my works, and I am endlessly fascinated with the technology that allows me to bring a virtual concept into the...

  • Ace Mayes

    Ace Mayes
    3:55 min

    Artist Statement and Mission
    As far back as I can remember, I have always had a pencil in my hand. At a young age I found myself with a love of drawing, immersed in comic books and cartoons, and as I got older, I became strongly inspired by music. It was in the combination of ...

  • Tyler White

    Tyler White
    Demo Reel
    2:02 min


    Artist Statement/Bio
    I am a character animator specializing in 3D animation. I grew up in a small town in the Midwest where I first became interested in cartoons, film, and art in general. Knowing little of the process by which animation was brought to life,...

  • Jenna Shihady

    Jenna Shihady
    2D Animation
    2:32 min

    Artists Bio
    Jenna Shihady is a 2D Animation major graduating with her BFA from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. Her focus lies in character design and character animation, but she hasn’t met a medium she doesn’t enjoy. From age 5 her fate as a lover of ...

  • Rosario Gonzalez

    Rosie Gonzalez
    1:37 min

    Artist Bio
    A child at heart, Rosario (Rosie) Gonzalez loves creating playful and inspiring children’s illustrations. Rosie’s process of creating her illustrations include primarily digital applications but occasionally will incorporate traditional media withi...

  • Madelaine Jo

    Madelaine Jo
    2:00 min

    Mixed Media

    Mixed Media

    Mixed Media

    Artist Statement 
    Soft, biomorphic forms coexist with hard edged geometry. Grotesque textures appear disgusting at first glance, but friendly colors like pastels and neons extend an invitation to appro...

  • John Joseph

    John Joseph
    Game Art and Graphic Design
    2:20 min

    Artist Statement
    I am a Colorado native who loves art, videogames, basketball, poker, superheroes and any movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. During my youth I always enjoyed video games, but my passion for them really grew when I first played Half Life...

  • Rusty Godbey

    Rusty Godbey

    Artist Bio
    Rusty Godbey (They/Them or He/Him) is a queer painter with a passion for storytelling, the surreal and the terrifying, exploring the relationship between queerness and monsters.

    Their work is influenced by their love of horror media, impressionist and surrealist ar...

  • Jes Hunter

    Jes Hunter
    2:48 min
    Digital Illustration

    Jes Hunter is a freelance illustrator specializing in educational and religious art. Her interests include dinosaurs, dinosaurs...and more dinosaurs. She is also enthusiastic about making learning fun and exciting, and is always in pursuit of the next gre...

  • Cheyenne Campbell

    Cheyenne Campbell

    Demo Reel

    2:15 min

    Cheyenne Campbell is an artist, whose works are inspired by nature. "It's my muse and my favorite subject to show people. "My creations are not intended to convey a specific meaning or message, but evoke an emotion from the viewers. How the viewer interpret...

  • Carolyn Pooler

    Carolyn Pooler
    1:55 min

    Transportation Intellection
    Oil, acrylic on canvas

    Carolyn Pooler was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri. In high school, she studied under a surrealist and cartoonist. These early influences shaped her perspective.

    In further studies, printmak...

  • Danny Schreiber

    Danny Schreiber
    4:10 min

    Artist Statement
    My interest in creating visual art is sourced from a deep desire to continually pull apart the layers of social and familial constructs we unconsciously build our lives on in order to more deeply connect with myself and others. I have found great curio...

  • Caleb Carr

    Caleb Carr
    1:54 min

    Artist Statement
    I seek to help influence people with my work. The purpose is to inspire young artists to practice art. The term “young” is meant for anyone who might want to express their creativity through art.

    Anyone who has a passion for something can become...

  • Christina Moore

    Christina Moore
    1:48 min

    Artist Statement
    As a passionate artist, I strive for skill. As an avid storyteller, I seek to spread truth. As a growing illustrator, I aim to merge these two motivations in order to tell my own stories and those of others. 

    Recent endeavors include book cover designs...

  • Isabella DeSantiago

    Isabella De Santiago
    2:30 min

    Performance stills with soft sculpture

    Artist Statement
    My entrancing and surrealistic work reflects on my personal experiences to evoke intense emotional responses ranging from blissful to melancholic. Ideas of self-transformation and existentialism are...

  • Why are these aliens strolling in Underwear?

    Because they can, and they're imaginery, but based on true to life situations that take place every September with the annual Supernova Digital Animation Festival, something every art student, human or alien on the planet should be up on. We've composed this presentation to dazzle the students of...