Student Shorts Program

Student Shorts Program

What started out as “Animation for all Ages,” a stalwart of Denver Digerati programming preceding the advent of Supernova, has now grown into the most exciting category within the festival. Student work is the core that continually inspires us and supports our belief that today’s youth have been absorbing the use of digital tools for quite some time now and desire to apply them towards artistic goals, thoughts, and careers, at increasingly younger ages. Absorbed in streaming services that offer vast libraries at their fingertips, as well as an endless supply of video games firing the synapses in their brains, the youth of today are capable of remarkable artistic strides that only continue to advance. Think of athletes driven to the top of their fields, it's no different with digital pioneers who are either self taught or under the tutelage of amazing professors. All know tech way better than us, and we are now overwhelmed by the response of young artists seeking to make a name for themselves in this new digital-art landscape. The program is now a wide showcase of institutions in the US and across the world, all showing excellence in a rapidly growing field. Select student works can also be found throughout Supernova’s other curated programs, highlighting some of the most exciting new artists to keep an eye on in the field today.

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Student Shorts Program
  • Journey

    Yue Zhang

    This is the story of a person looking for himself in the universe. A film that combines experimental and narrative elements.

  • StarStrike

    Michal Zadok

    An anthropomorphized conversation between the planets as they discuss forming a union against the sun.

  • Caged Bird

    Jingbin Lin

    In a factory-liked school, every student wears the same uniform and even walk the same with the exception of our main character. The main Character wants to break out of the school, but will he get freedom?This film is a Satire towards Oppresive School System and Massive Surveillance...

  • Keep in Touch

    Memie Osuga

    Min and Lillian are best friends...but the only place they've ever met is in the online world of the fantasy novel they're writing together over the internet.
    Concept, Direction, Animation, Music: Memie Osuga Faculty Advisor: Jie Li Completed in tandem with a Harvard Senior Thesis in...

  • Identity Crisis

    Nat Nichols
    Grand Prize award winner Student Shorts Competition 2020

    A cyborg named Scott is looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, but not all is well in this futuristic city when he finds his own picture on a wanted poster...

    Artist Bio:
    "Hi! My name is Natalie Nichols, but you may kno...

  • No Big Dill

    Yiran Pang

    A boy who does not like pickles wanted to order a burger in the school cafeteria. However, he got a burger with one pickle on it. He threw it away and left the cafeteria. The pickle who got abandoned by the boy came to life, wanted to force the boy to devour him. Wherever the boy went...

  • Save the Digis

    Zi Wang

    It's a satirical digital pets rescue commercial.

    Artist Bio:
    "I'm Zi Wang (Vicky). I'm a Computer Animation student at Ringling College of Art + Design. I love Animation. I love to create funny, warm and happy stories. I grew up in Germany and moved back to China during middle school. A...

  • Bacterium Delirium

    Fransis Chicote and Nicole Tan

    A comedic tale of two high school lab partners who argue and de-evolve all the way down to bacteria; but will they be able to put their differences aside before their sub-atomic bodies disappear into nothing-ness?

    Artist Bios:
    Fransis Chicote
    "I was born in Cuba...

  • Winterlock

    Jordan Schulz

    An anxious bot scales the mountains to learn more about the disappearance of the galaxy-filled sky.

  • Miacro

    Sarah Shattuck

    MIACRO is an abstract animated tour across scientific concepts from the minute to the massive. MIACRO serves as a tribute to the natural world and its study. While not the first project to highlight the scale of the universe, it takes a more artistic, dynamic, and playful approach...

  • Inside the Thought

    Çağıl Harmandar

    Lost in thought, these characters express thinking in forms of mushrooms or vegetables, explore the possibility of a true dialogue with one's self.

  • I Never Picked Cotton

    USC Group Animation

    Yolanda Morgan recalls her experiences with racism and the impact it has had on her. Produced in USC's CTAN 470 Documentary Animation Production class by 12 student directors. Hanna Adams, Cole Bacani, Max Edmeier , Dariel Filomeno, Alexandra Gottlieb , NamQuyen “Q” Le, Yolan...

  • Tanuki and Tangerine

    Yibo Xu
    Honorable Mention in Supernova Student Shorts program

    In order to make a living, a red panda who comes to Tanuki City decides to change his identity. Even though he turns into a tanuki, there are still unforgettable memories deep down in his heart.

    Artist Bio:
    Yibo Xu, a 2020-graduate ...


    Wyatt Hall and Kaz Fantone
    Honorable Mention in Supernova Student Shorts program

    NEARSIDERS features Max and Alan, treasure hunters in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, caught in a breakneck chase for earth's most delicious devourable.

    Directors' Statement:
    "It’s been a fantastic experience to cre...

  • My Tagalong

    Jerry Wang

    A story about two Gemini brothers' journey on the earth. The Older brother wants to enjoy the trip himself, but his younger brother always follows him and makes a lot of troubles.

    Jerry(Ruijie) Wang - Sheridan College-graduation 2020

  • Scribblings

    Tori Richards

    After obtaining a magical crayon that will turn the things they draw into reality, two sisters play a game of keep away while travelling through the magical worlds they create.

    Artist Bio:
    Tori Richards is a story artist, designer and visual development artist in animation. She r...

  • 2B1

    Nica Petrova

    2B1 is an interactive music video that metaphorically explores the inner conflict caused by identity issues. The animation is inspired by the disconnection the author experienced while living on and off in two drastically different countries; It hints at bilingualism and culture dif...

  • Helping

    Emely Cintron

    Helping" is a 2D and 3D animated fiction student film that follows a girl named Vida and her battle to regain control over herself and her eating.

    Artist bio:
    "Hello! My name is Emely Cintron and I am a New Jersey-based 3D character animator and modeler currently pursuing my anim...

  • Wake Up

    Monica Rodriguez

    Sara, a young call center representative, dreams of being a content creator but her middle-aged coworker pesters her for not focusing on her tasks and it is up to her to stay or leave her nightmarish office job.

    Artist Bio:
    Monica Rodriguez is a digital artist and animator bas...

  • Float

    Poo Chin Yang

    Float is named after the main visual frame of the work, which is a drink in a cup of ice, and it's transformations into various shapes and forms like: space, skies, and oceans, where one can float on. This piece is interested in discovering the possibilities of visual elements in ...

  • Dance of the Angel

    Zoe Zheng

    'Dance of the Angel' is a visualization of an excerpt of the piano piece, 'Milonga del Angel', composed by an Argentine pianist, Astor Piazzolla. The word 'Milonga' in the title means a type of Argentine tango, which shows off the legs of the female dancer. This idea inspired the chor...

  • Vicky and Xingyu

    USC (Group Animation)

    Vicky (Xingyu) Gu discusses the complexities of being immersed in a new culture and learning to communicate in another language. Directed and animated by 15 students in USC's CTAN 470 Documentary Animation Production class, Spring 2020. Eli Ayres, Shelby Chan, Yuyuan Chen, ...