Supernova 2019 Festival Programs

  • Everything Abstract / Experimental

    8 videos

    Everything Abstract presents constantly moving, changing and entrancing abstract digital artworks.

  • Student Showcase

    11 videos

    Schools are an exciting breeding ground for digital animation today.

  • Animation for all Ages

    5 videos

    Animation is an art form that transcends age-barriers, commonly providing delight for all audiences

  • 2019 Supernova Competition

    15 videos

    Digital Animations selected for the 2109 Supernova Festival Competition.

  • Jeron Braxton
    5 videos

    Jeron Braxton

    5 videos

    A compilation of animations by Supernova 2019 guest artist Jeron Braxton, one of the most exciting artists to burst forward in recent years. Braxton promotes a fierce, fresh aesthetic with socially compelling material that marks the rise of an international superstar in the making.

  • Director's Choice

    22 videos

    Digital Animation is the Art of Today

  • Silent Screen
    6 videos

    Silent Screen

    6 videos

    Supernova Festival 2019 Silent Screen Digital Animations.

  • OVERDRIVE Adults Only Animation

    5 videos

    Curated by Faiyaz Jafri

    A special program presented at Supernova Digital Animation Festival 2019, in association with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

  • Momentum


    A special 20-minute silent reel composed for Momentum Festival 2019 in association with Supernova Digital Animation Festival.

    "My work is about memory and the echo chambers of memory - a perpetual feedback loop of patterns that creates consciousness.

    ‚ÄčI use the symbols, images, and ges...

  • Digital Cul-de-sac of the Twenty First Century

    Curated By Livy Snyder for Supernova DigiLounge at Next Stage Gallery
    On view in Denver, CO September 10 - November 23, 2019

    Featuring works by Bia Rodrigues, Charles Park, Tabita Rezaire, Jihee Nam, Matt Plain, Gyuri Lee, Peter Rahul, Julia Mueller, Ryan + Rachel Betschart, Sophie Koko Gate, De...