Supernova 2019 Festival Programs

Supernova 2019 Festival Programs

Supernova 2019 Programs include Everything Abstract / Experimental, Student Showcase, Animation for All Ages, 2019 Competition, Jeron Braxton Solo Spotlight, Director's Choice and Silent Screens. This year's animations are available for a $500 cash prize audience award vote, just go to the link at the end of each individual video's description and vote from our google doc. Comprehensive information about the festival can be found at

Supernova 2019 Festival Programs
  • Everything Abstract / Experimental

    8 videos

    Everything Abstract presents constantly moving, changing and entrancing abstract digital artworks.

  • Student Showcase

    11 videos

    Schools are an exciting breeding ground for digital animation today.

  • Animation for all Ages

    5 videos

    Animation is an art form that transcends age-barriers, commonly providing delight for all audiences

  • 2019 Supernova Competition

    15 videos

    Digital Animations selected for the 2109 Supernova Festival Competition.

  • Jeron Braxton

    5 videos

    A compilation of animations by Supernova 2019 guest artist Jeron Braxton, one of the most exciting artists to burst forward in recent years. Braxton promotes a fierce, fresh aesthetic with socially compelling material that marks the rise of an international superstar in the making.

  • Director's Choice

    22 videos

    Digital Animation is the Art of Today

  • Silent Screen

    6 videos

    Supernova Festival 2019 Silent Screen Digital Animations.

  • OVERDRIVE Adults Only Animation

    5 videos

    Curated by Faiyaz Jafri

    A special program presented at Supernova Digital Animation Festival 2019, in association with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

  • Momentum


    A special 20-minute silent reel composed for Momentum Festival 2019 in association with Supernova Digital Animation Festival.

    "My work is about memory and the echo chambers of memory - a perpetual feedback loop of patterns that creates consciousness.

    ‚ÄčI use the symbols, images, and ges...

  • Digital Cul-de-sac of the Twenty First Century

    Curated By Livy Snyder for Supernova DigiLounge at Next Stage Gallery
    On view in Denver, CO September 10 - November 23, 2019

    Featuring works by Bia Rodrigues, Charles Park, Tabita Rezaire, Jihee Nam, Matt Plain, Gyuri Lee, Peter Rahul, Julia Mueller, Ryan + Rachel Betschart, Sophie Koko Gate, De...