Supernova 2020 World On Fire Programs

Supernova 2020 World On Fire Programs

Official Programs for the 5th annual Supernova Digital Animation Festival - World on Fire

Supernova 2020 World On Fire Programs
  • 2020 Supernova Award Winners!

    Watch to find out who won

    Supernova congratulates the award winners in this year's festival in the following categories:

    Annual competition
    World on Fire
    Director's Choice
    Student Shorts

  • Supernova 2020 Awards Party and Artist Performance Jam

    Discover the 2020 Supernova Digital Animation Festival Award Winners

    A celebration of the Award winning animations from Supernova Digital Animation Festival “World on Fire" with very special collaborations from Colorado musicians, performance and visual artists.

    With Indie 102.3 Supernova Artis...

  • Supernova Competition Program

    15 videos

    Supernova' focal program celebrating diverse approaches in digital animation

    Supernova’s Competition program is the focal point of the annual festival boasting significant cash prize awards, determined by special guest jurors, who represent the vanguard of the digital motion-art and animation co...

  • World on Fire

    29 videos

    Artists respond to the pressing issues of our times

    Supernova selected the theme World on Fire in early January for this year’s festival. Each year, the festival has coincided with a world facing vast challenges, stemming from human impact, that have threatened large swaths of the population. Ev...

  • Director's Choice

    16 videos

    Special selections from Supernova Creative Director Ivar Zeile

    Coinciding with the launch of Supernova in 2016, Director’s Choice is a group of special selections curated by Supernova’s Creative Director, one with no inherent definition other than the impulse towards creativity, whether radical ...

  • Silent Screen Animations

    34 videos

    Digital Animation as Public Art

    Denver Digerati began developing protocols for the integration of digital animation and motion-artwork with outdoor LED displays starting in 2010. Supernova now employs Denver’s unique LED screen infrastructure. Programming is featured on multiple screens, located...

  • Feature Length Digital Films

    2 videos

    The start of something beautiful for Supernova. Artists are taking digital techniques into far reaching and fabulous directions.

  • OVERDRIVE Adults Only

    7 videos

    Curated by Faiyaz Jafri

    A special program curated by Faiyaz Jafri for Supernova Digital Animation Festival 2020. Please lock the kids in their room and have fun with this.

  • Student Shorts Program

    22 videos

    What started out as “Animation for all Ages,” a stalwart of Denver Digerati programming preceding the advent of Supernova, has now grown into the most exciting category within the festival. Student work is the core that continually inspires us and supports our belief that today’s youth have been ...

  • New Voices New Directions

    12 videos

    New artists and new directions in digital animation and beyond

    Introduced in 2020, New Voices New Directions is a category fashioned by the desire to showcase emerging artists and ideas, providing a platform for fresh voices, innovative authorship and visual sensibilities that don’t always adher...

  • Digital Dialect

    7 videos

    Parsons New School Student Animations

    This program is a collection of films created for the course Digital Dialect at Parsons School of Design in New York, taught by Faiyaz Jafri. Students created computer-generated animations with digital readymades and procedural principles instead of followin...

  • Future Tense

    16 videos

    Selected student final projects from the China Academy of Art 2020 YOUNG to Young Program Future Tense Class
    Future Tense Class – Utilizing 3D Imaging Technology for Conceptual New Media Art Making

    Skyscrapers & factories, atomic bombs & TV; robots, drones, the internet, AI; new imaging technolo...

  • Relentless Melt No.17

    9 videos

    A special program for Supernova Digital Animation Festival

    Relentless Melt presents a program of fresh abstract and experimental animations from Hong Kong. The films were directed and animated by undergraduate students from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in the class ...

  • Space Dust
    19 videos

    Space Dust

    19 videos

    Space Dust is a special curated program for Supernova 2020 of 3D moving image artworks that reflect the current unsettling time which we are living in, relating also to the 2020 SUPERNOVA main theme “World on Fire”. The program features selected work by artists who were taught by Professor Snow Y...

  • Hypnotic Devices

    11 videos

    Indy Gaming Today

    Absurd, Abstract, Profound - Over the past hundred years, animation has grown from early technical experiments to mainstream entertainment and back to experimental forms, based on technological advancements. Though video games are younger, by comparison, their growth and evolut...

  • Everything Abstract Sonic

    12 videos

    New in 2020, Supernova presents the first ever Everything Abstract-Sonic, a program that highlights the synergy between abstract visuals and dynamic sound, culminating in sensorial euphoria. Replacing our regular Music Videos program, Abstract-Sonic moves closer to defining a genre that is still ...

  • Everything Abstract Experimental

    13 videos

    If you are new to digital motion-art, you might find yourself scratching your head while engaging in the offerings found in this mainstay Supernova program. Like all good art, that’s the point, even for those who think they’ve seen it all. Digital Animation is the playground for artistic experime...

  • Gifathon

    Supernova Digital Animation Festival’s 2020 “GIFathon” is devoted to the short looping Graphics Interchange Format, more commonly referred to as the GIF.

    The GIF is a highly charged medium accessible at the end of our fingertips. In a matter of seconds, this digital communication expresses the ...

  • Game On! A Brief History of Video Gaming

    A Brief History of Video Gaming curated by Sharifa Moore, Denver Digerati Education Director

    Supernova’s compilation towards a history of video gaming originated in the desire for a visual narrative presented through short gifs of video game play. Samples stem from the inception of gaming consol...

  • Night Lights Denver 2020 Artist Commissions

    Documentation of animations commissioned for Night Lights Denver 2020

    Night Light’s Denver, the people’s projector, was launched in late 2019. The project presents digital animation in the heart of downtown Denver on the façade of the Daniels & Fisher Clock Tower, one of the city’s most iconic a...

  • Artists in Unity Showcase

    12 videos

    A showcase of how leading artists utilize Unity in the creation of their work

    Unity, the world’s most widely used real-time engine, is used to create half of the world’s games. Unity’s flexible real-time tools offer incredible possibilities for digital motion-artists, filmmakers, and creators ac...

  • Performance Jam

    10 videos

    Celebrating the award winning animations from Supernova Digital Animation Festival “World on Fire" with very special collaborations from Colorado musicians, performance and visual artists

  • Digistars / PlatteForum ArtLab

    15 videos

    Supernova welcomes a very special presentation of works by Digistars and ArtLab youth with PlatteForum, the youngest crop of budding animators ever to be put on display in a public venue and online through a sleek streaming service.

    Digistars® Make-a-Movie Workshop brings innovative movie makin...

  • Supernova Simulation

    Supernova's first simulated environment, one designed by Digerati wunderkind Ryan Wurst using Unity software, features short samples of all Supernova's featured program animations, appearing as they might on our 14th and Champa public LED screen. The audience are mostly aliens, and Steve the Slot...