Supernova Competition Program

Supernova Competition Program

Supernova' focal program celebrating diverse approaches in digital animation

Supernova’s Competition program is the focal point of the annual festival boasting significant cash prize awards, determined by special guest jurors, who represent the vanguard of the digital motion-art and animation community. Animations selected for the competition are chosen for a variety of reasons including: profound artistry, ambition, boldness, overall resonance or fearless approach to utilizing digital techniques. The competition adheres to no specific genre, but simply represents a well rounded selection of the best of all submissions that display a diverse approach to the field and a strong instinct for the medium.

While the works can be enjoyed by everyone, they might not all necessarily be appropriate for youth under age of 13.

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Supernova Competition Program
  • The Big (Deep) Sleep

    Johannes DeYoung

    "The Big (Deep) Sleep" is a poetic reflection on social isolation and desire, filtered through the lens of an extra-temporal detective Rückenfigur.

    Artist Bio:
    Johannes DeYoung is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is situated at the intersection of computational and m...

  • Metro6

    Geoff Hecht
    Supernova Competition 2020 Honorable Mention

    Today is an important day for Zak, but everything is going horribly wrong. (When his car won’t start), he has no choice but to use public transportation. During his 8-minute bus ride, Zak goes through a deeply personal metamorphosis and co...

  • XY Coordinates

    Michael Sperandeo

    Isn't it strange that the layers of thought are truly similar to a veil or frame. The context of an individual's experience seems to have a close relationship and conversation with ideals forms of this conscious landscape. Like the photon, never knowing what to be, until one ob...

  • #21XOXO

    Sine Özbilge
    Grand Prize Award Winner Supernova Competition 2020

    21XOXO is a surreal and humorous reflection on the 21th century youth. The story is about a girl and her online search for love in times of social media, speed dating, cyberlove, hipster culture and post-net attitudes. The protago...

  • Out of Bounds

    Franz Impler

    The character of a tennis video game is drifting out of his own game into an out-of-bounds world. Searching for his lost tennis-racket he finds himself in a trip trough a surreal video game world. The short film discovers the arbitrariness of boundaries and rules and deals with the ...

  • Body Keeps the Score

    Joo Young Lee

    In Lee’s computer-generated animation Body Keeps the Score (2019), street pigeons become a center of the narrative. The pigeons are not abject and despised birds anymore, but a symbol for resilience and witnesses to normalized deaths. With reference to both Calvino’s Invisible Citi...

  • Trepanation

    Nick Flaherty
    Supernova Competition 2020 Honorable Mention

    What was once familiar is now unrecognizable. All previous desires are overshadowed by the need to disappear completely.

  • Time Tracking


    - /code Based Video /Generative Animation -

    ‘TIME TRACKING’ a track by DVDV x Ch4ins4w from
    'PIPELINE' _KalibrPlus 2020 Compilation

  • Lizard Ladder

    Ted Wiggin
    3rd Place Award Winner Supernova Competition 2020

    Animals encounter a ball that gives magical powers and sows conflict between them.

    Artist Bio:
    Ted makes short films and software for animation. He strives to create new techniques through custom software and to explore their express...

  • Shifting Gears

    LeAnn Cintron

    Shifting Gears is a symbolic drive through life and focuses on the obstacles you face and how choosing to persevere through these hardships gives you the strength and courage to face anything else life throws your way.

  • The aesthetics of being disappeared part 1.

    Wednesday Kim

    Isolation is been a part of my life.
    Since I moved out from big city, my isolation began.
    And I became more awkward in social life.
    Yes, awkwardness in social life.
    Relay on online. Feels more real in online.
    Hey, I rather be online.
    The gap between social media and real life...

  • Malady of Mine

    Jon Portman

    An ill-fated artist comes to terms with the true source of his mysterious disease.

    Artist Bio:
    Jon Portman is an award-winning San Francisco-based animation filmmaker. His work has been featured in publications such as USA Today, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic and SF Gate. In 20...

  • Virtualized

    Dagmar Schürrer

    Dagmar Schürrer's two-part video work VIRTUALIZED captivates through its materiality without being material. It seduces through its haptic without being tangible. She disturbs with organic forms and sounds that are largely artificial. The artist's focus is on the virtual, which, ...

  • The Last Page of Summer

    Tim Ross
    Supernova Competition 2020 Honorable Mention

    The film is a period piece which shows the sunny side of the 60s through the eyes of a local Sunshine Pop band who have songs on the radio, but have never broken out of the local scene. This starts out as a "day in the life" view of the band ...


    Huckleberry Hax
    2nd Place Award Winner Supernova Competition 2020

    In a future where the climate has collapsed, a bounty hunter is hired to find a missing coder with the skills to access the forbidden media files that will show what actually happened to the planet. STÖMOL is a movie filmed enti...