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#21xoxo trailer

Animation Previews • 37s

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  • Malady of Mine trailer

    Jon Portman

    An ill-fated artist comes to terms with the true source of his mysterious disease.

    "Malady of Mine is a film about a young man, who, burdened by a mysterious disease, struggles to save his relationship, and ultimately himself. I wanted to tell a story about the powerful nature of o...

  • Tesseract trailer

    João Pedro Oliveira

    A tesseract, also defined as an hypercube is the four-dimensional equivalent of the cube. This video presents a possible journey throughout the six faces of a cube, and how they can be transformed and projected into a tesseract using different processes: translation, rotation...

  • STOMOL trailer

    Huckleberry Hax

    In a future where the climate has collapsed, a bounty hunter is hired to find a missing coder with the skills to access the forbidden media files that will show what actually happened to the planet. STÖMOL is a movie filmed entirely in the virtual world, Second Life.