World on Fire! Program promotions

World on Fire! Program promotions

“SUPERNOVA Outdoor Festival of Digital Animation and Art is one of the few Denver film festivals exclusively programming short films at the cutting edge of technology. This free event, held in and around the Denver Theatre District, democratizes the movie-going experience, giving audiences a look into the future of the medium.”
Cori Anderson, 303 Magazine, September 18, 2019

SUPERNOVA seizes opportunity for expansion amidst the global COVID 19 crisis, expanding into a month-long platform of exceptional, relevant programming made possible through our elegant streaming service and singular live public forum employing outdoor LED screens to celebrate the best in digital animation and motion-art today. Artists worldwide have taken notice after 4 years of developing infrastructure and protocols that accelerate the merger of art and technology.

WORLD ON FIRE delivers a much broader view of programming in 2020, including the introduction of two credible full-length features, artists working in series-form, ambitious short-form animations by single artists and larger-scale production teams, and a tremendous cache of student shorts that showcase the promise inherent in the field today led by digital natives. All of this mandates a shift towards a more developed presence within Supernova’s deluxe streaming service, which unlike other covid-related festival pivots, was designed and implemented in 2019, forseeing the ever widening growth within the field of digital animation and relevance of niche online streaming services. Limited content from a broader array of Supernova programs will be displayed live on public LED September 19th, while full programs and exciting virtual activities in association with Unity will augment the festival throughout the month. It all launches on September 3rd with 10 animations commissioned by Denver Digerati for Night Lights Denver, a new initiative implemented by the Denver Theatre District in 2020, that brings permanent projection mapping to the iconic Daniels & Fisher Tower in the heart of downtown Denver.

Full artist schedule to be released on September 3rd in association with NLD launch, followed by nightly content releases and virtual activities, concluding September 25th. Supernova’s annual competition, featuring major cash-awards, will take place live on the 14th and Champa LED screen on September 19th, with the public welcome to responsibly view from the streets of Denver and enjoy a walking tour of animations looping throughout the day across 5 additional permanent public LED screens.

SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival is recognized as one of the most innovative public-private cultural initiatives. Find out more at

World on Fire! Program promotions
  • Supernova Previews

    16 videos

    Take a look inside the visual ecstasy in store with the 5th annual Supernova Digital Animation Festival "World On Fire." All programs to be released throughout the month of September. Full Calendar available at

  • Artist Interviews

    19 videos

    Dialogues with select artists featured in "World on Fire" Supernova Digital Animation Festival 2020

    Here what artists participating in Supernova have to say about their work, Supernova, digital animation and life. Learn a ton along the way.

  • Animation Previews

    27 videos

    Trailers created by artists who have been selected for Supernova Digital Animation Festival Programs, set to be released in full throughout September

  • World on Fire

    Branding promotion for WORLD ON FIRE, 2020 Supernova Digital Animation Festival. Created by Faiyaz Jafri