World on Fire! Program promotions

  • Supernova Previews

    16 videos

    Take a look inside the visual ecstasy in store with the 5th annual Supernova Digital Animation Festival "World On Fire." All programs to be released throughout the month of September. Full Calendar available at

  • Artist Interviews

    19 videos

    Dialogues with select artists featured in "World on Fire" Supernova Digital Animation Festival 2020

    Here what artists participating in Supernova have to say about their work, Supernova, digital animation and life. Learn a ton along the way.

  • Animation Previews

    27 videos

    Trailers created by artists who have been selected for Supernova Digital Animation Festival Programs, set to be released in full throughout September

  • World on Fire

    Branding promotion for WORLD ON FIRE, 2020 Supernova Digital Animation Festival. Created by Faiyaz Jafri